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Craft in America 
Bonus Footage
My work with the Terra Cotta Warriors for the Hilton Hotel
Craft in America 

Story on, among other things, my coming into ownership of San Francisco's only parade float company

Air Date: Dec. 11 2015

KTVU Fox 2

Story on being the first woman to run the SF Chinese New Year Parade build
Air date: FEB 17 2016 11:13PM PST

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CBS News
Published July 5, 2020
Story on being an artist and event professional in the time of COVID
Auxilary Magazine
Article on the SF Edwardian Ball, featuring Images of my "Victrola Tree" and our performance troupe
SWEA- Magasinet
That time I was on the cover of a Swedish magazine eating fire
CBS News
Published Sept.16, 2020
Follow Up Story on being an artist and event professional in the time of COVID